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Our Nemox Products

Professional ice cream machine

NEMOX revolutionizes the way of producing, storing,and dispensing gelato thanks to the ice cream machines! MADE IN ITALY

Ice cream maker machine for home

The ice cream maker incorporates a refrigeration system (airtight compressor, condenser, fan, evaporator) which delivers a large number of refrigeration units in a very short time


Store your fresh ice cream, gelato, and sorbets at the ideal temperature for quick dispensing and serving.

Ice cream ingredients

Nemox selected only natural ingredients, avoid azo additives and dyes that, although allowed by European laws, do not meet the requirements of a healthy and natural diet.

Ice cream equipment

Ice cube machine – Whipped cream dispenser- Blast chiller – chiller cabinet. Robust and professional it is suitable for use in small and medium size food service operations.

Coffee machines

The specially designed steam spout is equipped with a device for easy frothing of milk when making a cappuccino.