Wippy 2000

Whipping machine with dual setting, air and cream.
Robust and professional it is suitable for use in small and medium size food service operations.


The liquid cream is stored in the removable tank, where it is indirectly cooled at 4°C, and holds it in perfect conditions. The transparent lid provides a clear view of the cream level in the tank. The whipped cream has a significant overrun and a stable texture. Light or heavy creams can be used to get the desired type of whipped cream. These machines are equipped with a rotary pump. The refrigeration system keeps the cream at the ideal temperature all the way through the dispensing nozzle. Working cycle can be stopped at any time. Ease of cleaning makes it easy to maintain proper hygiene.

Additional information

Appliance Dimensions

255x565x470 mm

Net Weight

27,2 kg

Shipping Carton

320x520x530 mm

Gross weight

30,6 kg





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