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Sweet 4 Pozzetti i-Green

Elegance meets innovation and technology.
Sweet 4 Pozzetti is the most beautiful and practical pozzetti storage case of all !


The environment thank you for your interest in this new generation of ecological gelato machines produced in Italy by Nemox international. We are very proud of this new creation that adopts the best solutions for the environment. It reduces considerably the electricity consumption and at the same time it improve the operation efficiency.

The elegance meets innovation and technology.
The elegant trolley features a technologically advanced storage unit designed by Nemox with the innovative IFS system (Individual Foaming System) where a dedicated evaporator each pozzetti cell is provided. The system grants an efficient control over gelato storage. Thanks to the use of the ecological gas R290 Gelato Sweet 4 Pozzetti i-Green is more efficient and benefits of a low environmental impact.

With this unit you can store an excellent Italian artisan gelato saving on energy consumption at the same time. Gelato Sweet 4 Pozzetti i-green can be easily moved anywhere also thanks to four wheels, two of which with brakes. The unit doesn’t need any installation and plugs into a single-phase power socket.
The unit is provided with a removable power cord. Air cooling.

The design and functionality of Gelato Sweet 4 Pozzetti i-Green meet the needs of the professional user, who in addition to quality requires design equipment to be placed in elegant, design environments. Professional users are more and more interested in using functional high-quality equipment that should be also beautiful.

Gelato Sweet 4 Pozzetti i-Green has a capacity of about 30l with four 7.1l tubs or eight 3.7l tubs, sufficient even for those who have a high quantity need of gelato, such as a Gelato Shop, a pastry shop, a bar, a dairy or a catering service. Gelato Sweet 4 Pozzetti i-Green reaches the set temperature in less than an hour, keeping it in constant control on the volume of each pozzetto, avoiding stratifications and granting the perfect storage. 

A restaurant, a hotel or a bakery can offer up to 8 flavours / 32l. The operating temperature is set in a range of -10 ° C and -16 ° C.

Gelato Sweet 4 Pozzetti i-Green is available in 2 colors, white or black, in painted metal, with stainless steels trim.

Included accessories:
– plexiglass protective screen.
– Four pozzetti cell covers.

Additional information

Appliance Dimensions

600x600x1020 mm

Net Weight

67,8 kg

Shipping Carton

700x700x1210 mm

Gross weight

85,8 kg


Black 003C110350, White 003C110352


Black 8024872160275, White 8024872160282

Green technology

ICE GREEN is the project designed and implemented by Nemox to help protect the environment by eliminating greenhouse gases, harmful to the environment, from domestic and professional equipment.
Why this change?
Greenhouse gases currently commonly used in refrigeration systems are among the main causes of global warming.
These gas, called hydrofluorocarbons (HFC), have a potential impact on the environment hundreds or thousands of times higher than carbon dioxide (Co2):
1 kg of traditional refrigerant gas, for example R404, has an equivalent emission index (called GWP) equal to 3922 kg of CO2.
This means that 1 kg of refrigerant dispersed in the atmosphere is equivalent to the CO2 emissions of a car that travels about 40,000 km. (limits 2021)
Thanks to the production of the i-Green series machines, Nemox has anticipated the actions required by Europe regarding the reduction of greenhouse gases to remedy global warming.
Our goal is to promote a new sustainable business concept in harmony with the environment.
The gas selected is R290 which has a GWP index equal to 3 units of CO2 equivalent.
The advantages of the i-Green NEMOX line are:
– Reduce the impact on emissions by 99.95%. (As an example: a Nemox Domestic Machine loaded with an HFC gas has a potential emission equal to 90 kg. of Co2 equivalent. The same machine loaded with R290 has a potential emission equal to 9 grams of Co2 equivalent.)
– Use a totally natural gas that does not require further transformations, saving energy.
– Use less quantity of gas with lower pressures and consequently less wear.
– Improve the performance of the thermodynamic system with reduction of preparation times.
– Reduction of energy consumption
The changes do not concern only the technology of the machines, we also wanted to identify them with a new design that highlighted their “green” heart.
We have extended the concept of eco-sustainability to the materials used, giving priority to those that are recyclable at the end of their life and using recycled or recyclable materials, water-based prints and natural glues for packaging.
With the new Nemox i-Green machines it will be possible to produce excellent homemade gelato with energy savings while respecting the environment.

Storage cabinets i-Green

Nemox ecological STORAGE CASES have been developed to meet the needs of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, catering etc… thanks to their compact size they are also suitable for small activities.
Functionality, elegance, practicality and innovation are the main features.
Nemox offer 4 different storage units:
Gelato Sweet 4 Pozzetti i-Green: elegant Pozzetti storage, which combines originality and tradition;
4Magic Pro 100; Counter-top storage, equipped with a transparent lid that allows you to see the ice cream display;
Magic Pro 90B Vertical storage counter;
Fantasia Buffet: Counter-top storage, without electricity.
Nemox i-green storage case are highly technological equipment that reflect, with their size suitable for the sector, the technical characteristics of the best storage units.
The green “heart”, highlighted by the design, allows the storage counter to operate in an ecological, more efficient way, saving electricity while respecting the environment.

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