Gelattiamo pronto lemon

Nemox offers its customers a complete service to achieve with minimal efforts, excellent results.
In cooperation with the best Italian “gelatieri” (ice cream men) Nemox developed a range of products for gelato and sorbets, which are now made available together with the Nemox equipments and professional training classes.
Particular attention was paid to the choice of raw materials.
Nemox selected only natural ingredients, avoid azo additives and dyes that, although allowed by European laws, do not meet the requirements of a healthy and natural diet.

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The practical Gelattiamo PRONTO single-dose bags are born from a careful selection of ingredients, such as real hazelnut paste, real chocolate, real fruit and real yogurt in lyophilized form.
The preparation is simple and quick: dilute the contents of the bag with water or milk, an impeccable preparation of high quality final is now PRONTO!
The ingredients do not contain hydrogenated vegetable fats and azo dyes. They are perfectly balanced to ensure a perfect texture.
Gelattiamo PRONTO was designed for the professional market. As such it is characterized by its flexibility, which allows its use for the production of cold cream, ice cream cakes and any preparation your creativity can suggest.

1 Bag 180 g.+ 500 ml. Water

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