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Freezy 9

FREEZY 5 and 9 are a line of compact blast-chiller and shock-freezer.


They are essential instruments to grant the best food preservation in the most natural way. FREEZY line is specially designed for restaurants, pastry shops, pubs, bars, gelato- ice cream corners and any business requiring high quality standards. SOFT and HARD blast-chilling cycles and shock- freezing cycle are regulated by temperature with the use of a core-probe or by time setting. The additional innovative function SCR allows controlled thawing of any food from -18°C to +3°C in short time (only available on model FREEZY 9). The electronic control board is easy to operate. The construction of these appliances is completely in stainless steel AISI 304, as are the grates and supports which can be easily disassembled. FREEZY 9 – Max. capacity 110 L – 6 shelves GN 1/1 FREEZY 5 – Max. capacity 35 L – 3 shelves GN 2/3

Additional information

Appliance Dimensions

680x712x850 mm

Net Weight

98 kg

Shipping Carton

830x860x980 mm

Gross weight

97,5 kg





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