Fantasia buffet

Unique, Exclusive, Brilliant. A system for preserving ice creams and sorbets for over two hours, keeping them at the perfect serving temperature and…without electricity!


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Stylish, Accommodating, Portable.
Cools 1 L (1 qt) of liquid mixture from 80°C to 8°C in just 20 minutes! Keeps ice cubes perfectly for hours!
Cools and maintains wines at the ideal temperature.
Perfect on a buffet table: to keep fruit, hors d’oeuvres, vegetables, and cheeses, etc. sparkling fresh. …and for breakfast: butter, margarine, yogurt, fruit salad, fresh fruit….really cool!
Fantasia Buffet comes with:
Three 1.5 L (1½ qt) containers, three ice cream spatulas, three spatula holders, AISI 304 stainless steel supporting frame, drip tray.

How does Fantasia Buffet work?

The heart of Fantasia Buffet is its hermetically sealed double-lined containers.
In the space between one lining and the other there is a NEMOX’s exclusive formula liquid which, if placed in a deep freeze for 8-12 hours, accumulates frigories which it then releases gradually over the next two hours and more.
During this period, ice cream can be kept at an average temperature of -12°C (10.4F).
If you want to conserve other foodstuffs at slightly higher temperatures, all you have to do is reduce the time the containers spend in the freezer.

Additional information

Appliance Dimensions

675x300x305 mm

Net Weight

12,5 kg

Shipping Carton

750x390x370 mm

Gross weight

12,6 kg





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