Base cream gelato

Nemox offers its customers a complete service to achieve with minimal efforts, excellent results.
In cooperation with the best Italian “gelatieri” (ice cream men) Nemox developed a range of products for gelato and sorbets, which are now made available together with the Nemox equipments and professional training classes.
Particular attention was paid to the choice of raw materials.
Nemox selected only natural ingredients, avoid azo additives and dyes that, although allowed by European laws, do not meet the requirements of a healthy and natural diet.



60g. Powder Gelattiamo

200g. Sugar

1l whole Milk.

Mix together Powder Gelattiamo, Sugar and Milk;  mix  very well with a whisk  and pour the mixture into the ice cream machine.

For gelato Fiordilatte replace 70g. of milk with 70g. of whipping cream. Follow these instructions even with flavoring pastes to obtain a richer gelato

One kilo of Gelattiamo mix produces about 22 kg. of gelato.
Carton contains 6 bags x 1 Kg. each

Whole milk power, Skimmed milk power, Milk protein, Dextrose, Glucose syrup, Stabilizers (sodium alginate, guar gum, carboxymethylcellulose). Allergens: milk, gluten.

Additional information

Buste per ogni master

6 x 1,0 Kg.

Peso netto prodotto kg master

6 kg


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