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Nemox is a leading manufacturer of machines for the ice cream sector. Nemox is synonymous with design, planning and production of innovative equipment, with high technological and functional content, for the domestic and professional market.

Since its foundation (1986) to the present, Nemox has produced over 6 500 000 ice cream machines and concretely promotes the “Made in Italy“, maintaining the design, planning and production of its machines in Italy.

The Project ICEGREEN LIFE18 CCM/IT/001106

The objective of Nemox is to industrialize a new generation of ice cream machines operating with very low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerants, such as propane (R290).

Based on the provisions of the European regulation “F-GAS” 517/2014, starting from 1st January 2022 all systems similar to professional-use chillers and freezers will have to use a gas with a GWP lower than 150.

Nemox has the ambition to become the first company in the world to market ice cream machines that comply with the new reference standards.