ICEGREEN aims to prove the technical feasibility, safety and commercial viability of innovative ice cream machines manufactured by Nemox:

  • Engineering and industrialize existing prototypes, first pre-series (on about 10 models), perform technical validation and safety compliance tests due to use of flammable HC refrigerants;
  • revamping of the production line in order to fulfil both safety and regulatory issues raised by the use of flammable HC refrigerants and paving the way to industrial scale production (1500 pcs/year in 2020);
  • develop a novel business model (so called ICEGREEN CORNER);
  • organize showcases and training sessions with retailers and distributors in Europe and major extra-EU countries to ensure market uptake. Elaborate the Business Plan.
  • prove the environmental efficiency and cost sustainability of the new products by LCA and LCC.

ICEGREEN’s ambition is to replace currently used HFC refrigerants (e.g. R134a with GWP equal to 1430 CO2 units) with near-to-zero GWP refrigerants such as R290 (GWP = 3).

Compared to the current baseline, the expected CO2 reduction is 99.95%.

By 2023, Nemox plans to put onto the market 20 000 new ice cream machines fuelled with the alternative refrigerant, for a total saving of around 13 000 ton of CO2