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We turn the gelato market into "Green" by promoting an innovative business model and using low GWP refrigerants
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Climate change is due to the increase in temperature on earth caused by the thickening of greenhouse gases.



Nemox International

Green Technologies

Working progress

Working progress - Scheduled steps

We advanced in the preparation of prototypes of both domestic and commercial machines, verifying the efficiency and performance of the machines.
We are checking the prototypes according to the safety rules and studying the changes to be made on the various models to make the prototypes compliant with the controlled gas leak test.
We have redesigned the production line and are awaiting delivery of the machinery ordered.
Preparation of technical and commercial documentation for products.
Preparing a Webinar for the presentation of the final project
Project Conclusion.

Study and realization of the first prototypes for efficiency verification and flammability test according to safety standards.

On the occasion of Host 2019 presentation of the project and of the first prototypes under test.

Setting up of the production line complying with safety regulations

Start the approval tests for on the prototypes.
Study of a mini ice cream parlors corner.

Second semester 2020 experimentation with the creation of 2/3 types of premises according to the proposed business model

Prototypes are at IMQ to be tested by an external laboratory for safety and electromagnetic compatibility tests

The first household machines have been approved.

Due to Covid 19 Emergency the end of the project has been extended to 30/06/2021

We have concluded the LCA and LCC research

We are preparing a Webinar for the presentation of the final project.

Completion of commercial technical documentation, catalogues, product sheets, videos

Webinar to present the ICEGREEN project and its results at Sigep Digital Exhibition 2021

Obtaining household ice cream machines certification. 

Obtaining professional ice cream machines and storage cases certification.

Project Conclusion.

i-Green machines production starts.