Gelato 15K Crea


Zubereitung pro Arbeitskreislauf
Jede 8-10 Minuten zirca 3 kg (4 l.)
Pro Stunde 15 kg (20 l.)


Nemox family welcomes its new star, Gelato 15K Crea! Gelato 15K Crea is a gelato-storage machine that is able to satisfy the needs of both restaurants and gelato/ice cream shops.
Gelato 15K Crea is compact in size despite having the capacity of a much larger machine. Gelato 15K Crea is able to churn 3kg of mixture at a temperature of 8 ° C with an average cycle of  8-10 minutes. The machine can work in manual mode where the operator decides when to end the freezing cycle or automatically.
The speed of the blade is adjustable between 60 and 130 rpm to allow the best freezing and overrun according to the recipe used.
When used in automatic mode, it is possible to select between 4 operating programs:

  •  Ice cream / gelato / sorbet: the mixture reaches the typical density of homemade ice cream / gelato / sorbet.
  •  Semisoft ice cream: more air is incorporated to obtain a higher overrun.
  •  Granita: In order to obtain the characteristic ice crystals of the granita, during the cycle the mixing blade is made to work alternately.
  •  Blast freezing: By inserting the mixture at a temperature of about 80 ° C, this is lowered to a temperature between 10 ° C and 5 ° C in a 10 minute cycle. During this cycle the blade works alternately. At the end of the blast chilling cycle the machine starts the conservation cycle to keep the temperature of the mixture in the reached range.

At the end of the programmed cycle, determined either by the achievement of the density or by the elapsed time, the machine enters automatically in storage mode.
The operator can choose between 4 different storage cycles, from a softer consistency to a greater one. Thanks to the technology used Gelato 15K Crea has a
limited weight and can be easily transported and moved, being equipped with 4 wheels of which two with breaks. Cleaning is facilitated by an easy emptying system.

The case of the machine is made of stainless steel and the machine complies with NSF regulations applicable to food processing machines. As far as safety is concerned, the machine complies with the relevant European legislation and with respect to the environment it complies with the latest European legislation on F-gas.

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450x610x1050 mm

Netto Gewicht

70,4 kg

Zubereitung pro Arbeitskreislauf

Jede 8-10 Minuten zirca 3 kg (4 l.)

Pro Stunde

15 Kg / 20 l.


600X660X1340 mm

Brutto Gewicht

80,5 kg






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