Gelato 10K i-Green

Zubereitung pro Arbeitskreislauf
Jede 12-15 Minuten zirca 2 kg (2,8 l.)
Pro Stunde 10 kg / (14 l.)


Three switches start the cooling system, the blade and the storage process. The operation is flexible, it allows to work in automatically or manually mode. For automatic operation, just press the storage button. 

In this way the churning cycle phase begins until the density sensor intervenes to block the blade, activating the storage. Blade and compressor, are activated to managed by the software, to keep the gelato ready for service. The body of the machines is in stainless steel as well as the mixing blade, equipped with interchangeable copolymer scrapers. 

The lid is equipped with an opening to allow the addition of ingredients during operation and a sensor that blocks the rotation of the blade when it is lifted. A drain system facilitates cleaning. Four wheels, two of which with brakes, make moving around easy. Aircooled, it only requires connection to a normal 10A electrical outlet..

Zusätzliche Informationen


450x610x1050 mm

Netto Gewicht

66,1 kg

Zubereitung pro Arbeitskreislauf

Jede 12-15 Minuten zirca 2 kg (3.2 qt)

Pro Stunde

10 kg / 14 l. (15 qt)


600x660x1350 mm

Brutto Gewicht

77,5 kg






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