How it’s done


GELATO CREA 5K – Makes 1.25 kg x Cycle/ 5 kg./h
GELATO CREA 6K – Makes 1.50 kg x Cycle / 6 kg./h
GELATO CREA 10K – Makes 2.00 kg x Cycle /10 kg./h



COMPACT STORAGE CASE, 4 MAGIC PRO 100 (15 liter) stand alone or integrated in Modular forniture (negative -18°C for gelato/sorbet and/or positive + 4°C for fruits)




It takes less than two hours to be put up.
Does not require special installation.
It can be moved very easily.
Can be expanded as much as needed.

Gelato 5K Crea

Gelato 10K Crea

Gelato 10K Crea

Espresso Elettronic




Gelato 6K Crea

4 Magic Pro100

Magic Pro 90B

M. Pro 280B


Serie Crea

CREA | series a new, UNIQUE concept to conceive the distribution of artisan gelato.

The series of CREA machines is conceived to produce limited quantities of gelato in a very brief time (1 to 2.5 kg in approx. 12 min) and to store it at the proper temperature for dispensing.

As the gelato is dispensed the content in the machine can be “reconstituted” and in approx. 4-5 min. can be ready again to be dispensed.

This all happens by automatic controls within the machine by monitoring the density and automatically switching to the selected storage mode when the density of the gelato is ideal.

The electronic controls of the machine have 4 program settings for preparation of:• Hard Gelato • Semi-Soft Gelato • Granita (slush)

Fast freezing of any hot mixture
These 4 programs can be combined with 4 storage programs in order to obtain the maximum gelato quality in preparation and dispensing.

Frix Air

FRIXAIR is easy and fun to use; it enhances the capabilities and fantasies of the professional user.

FRIXAIR you can offer an imaginative and diverse menu to tease your customer’s palate every day, and with a minimal effort.

FRIXAIR speeds preparation of appetizers, entrées, main courses, and desserts.

FRIXAIR is ideal for making mousse, sorbets, ice cream, sauces and soups, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

– FRIXAIR is fast and very easy to operate.
– Pour the ingredients into the single serving [180 mL (6 fl oz)] plastic bowl. – Store the bowl in a freezer at a temperature of -20°C (-4°F) and deep-freeze the ingredients.
– The “START” push button activates a two-minute working cycle.
– The “FAST” push button activates a one-minute working cycle.
– The result is an incredibly creamy and velvety preparation, at ideal temperature, which enhances the flavour! – FRIXAIR also features a rinsing function, that saves time when cleaning the blade between use of similar ingredients. – The use of FRIXAIR’s single serving bowls provides favourable advantages:
– Highly hygienic, by utilizing and preparing the full frozen portion and therefore guaranteeing that the frozen preparation was never compromised.
– The dimensions of the bowls allows for rapid freezing times, they take little room and can be easily stacked. – Very fast production of a large number of different preparations. – Use of the same bowls in the microwave oven to save time.- The bowls are colour coded in five different colours allowing the user to visually store and sort the different preparations.
– The serving bowls are made of a special material that can be used directly in a microwave oven.
– They are also dishwasher safe.
– And last but not least, the bowls are affordably priced.


WHIPPING MACHINE with dual setting, air and cream. Robust and professional it is suitable for use in small and medium size food service operations.

– The liquid cream is stored in the removable tank, where it is indirectly cooled at 4°C, and holds it in perfect conditions.

– The transparent lid provides a clear view of the cream level in the tank

– The whipped cream has a significant overrun and a stable texture.Light or heavy creams can be used to get the desired type of whipped cream.These machines are equipped with a rotary pump.

– The refrigeration system keeps the cream at the ideal temperature all the way through the dispensing nozzle. Working cycle can be stopped at any time. -Ease of cleaning makes it easy to maintain proper hygiene.

Vetrina conservazione

4 MAGIC PRO100 The ultimate gelato-ice cream storage and display case- Store your fresh ice cream, gelato, and sorbets at the ideal temperature for quick dispensing and serving. – The NemoxPro 100 is the only countertop gelato-ice cream storage and display case specifically designed for restaurants, caterers, coffee shops, and gourmet shops.- In only a small space, you can now prepare ice cream, gelato and sorbets; store it, and serve it – like the fanciest ice cream shops!

Macchina per caffè

– The series of coffee machines and coffee pods maccinato were made by Nemox to offer a variety of users such as restaurants, small bars, community, office, home, equipment of high technological content, while preserving the extreme ease of use.

– EXAMPLE : coffee machines in the concept modular plug & cash


GELATTIAMO is Nemox’s own recipe, a special blend based on natural ingredients milk, and sugar, and yoghurt pre-frozen at a controlled temperature.

When ready to serve, just add fresh, ingredients like fruit, chocolate, nuts, coffee, etc. or as requested by the customer.

Happier customers, happier retailers.

Magic Pro 280B

Magic Pro 280B is a free standing storage case with high efficiency,and suitable for any task.- Magic Pro 280B guarantees accurately maintained temperature thanks to the high precision digital thermostat.- The forced ventilation system keeps the temperature constant without significant changes.- Any condensation created when opening the door is quickly dissipated. – The double glass door provides excellent insulation.
Low energy consumption limited at (24 h / kWh 10.1).- Equipped with 4 large shelves, with a total volume capacity of 295 l.- Perfect for the corner Frixeria: Holds up to 280 FrixAir containers – Ideal for every corner Ice cream or Pastry shop: it contains up to 35 ice cream pans (GN ¼)
Magic Pro 68B If you don’t have the space? Magic Pro 68B does not need it!- Magic Pro 68B is a compact table-top storage, suitable for any task.- Magic Pro 68B guarantees accurately maintained storage temperature thanks to the high precision digital thermostat.- Any condensation created when opening the door is quickly dissipated.- Low energy consumption limited at (24 h / Kwh 6.5).- Equipped with 4 large shelves, the total volume available is less than 45 l.- The very compact dimensions allow it to fit in any space, on the ground, on a bench or even under any table.- Perfect for the corner Frixeria: Holds up to 68 FrixAir containers.

Nemox Business Concepts

It takes less than two hours to be put up.It can be moved very easily.

Does not require special installation.

Can be expanded as much as needed.

Modular furniture